The Million dollar opportunity

Where I’ve been the last 8 months

The last blog post I did was in October of 2020 and WOW have things changed. The word of the day is, opportunity…

I appeared on the BiggerPockets Rookie podcast, 7 Figure Flipping, Multifamily LiveConstruct Your Life, and The Lessons in Real Estate Show.

After closing on a duplex at the end of last year (no vacancy and $700 a month of PURE cash flow), I attended Flip Hacking Live 2020. It was a virtual event and “target of opportunity” as we say in the military. I had no real intention of going until it turned virtual.

I knew the owner putting on Flip Hacking Live was a high-character person and service member. I already felt like I knew him, I liked him, and I trusted him.

That opened the door for the opportunity to join his mastermind and that is exactly what I did.

This opportunity changed my life!!!

First, I shifted my focus to wholesaling. I was obsessed with learning marketing and sales. I spent late nights and early mornings studying the courses provided in the mastermind then I TOOK ACTION.

The reason: I determined two skills are invaluable regardless of the real estate investing niche. If you can do these two things, you can dominate any real estate investing space.

  1. Raising private capital
  2. Finding discounted, off-market properties


I started my own company, Will To Win Investments, LLC and after months of marketing, I gained significant traction. Go to my Instagram stories to ask and get answers on the exact marketing strategy I employed.

Bottom line; tens of thousands of dollars started rolling in. It worked.

The Next Opportunity

This led to the biggest OPPORTUNITY of my life. I partnered with one of the most well-known real estate investors and took over ownership of his company. It’s a fully functioning marketing machine doing over $100k a month in gross profit.

I went from start-up, a two-man show with a few virtual assistants – to having a team with salary employees that are counting on me. It’s the exact situation I want to be in. I do my best work when others are counting on me. I’ll be honest, money is great, and I want a lot of It but I want to see the people on my team succeed more than anything. My philosophy in the service has always been; if you take care of the people, the people will take care of the mission.

Why did he choose me? I have no idea. Maybe he will tell us in a big announcement in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Real Estate is an exciting investment and business vehicle for me. I continue to find HUGE value in this asset class. For me, it’s about the type of people it attracts. My goal is to improve people’s lives through real estate. If I can help you in any way, reach out to me!

Lesson’s learned:

  1. Always make time to give back and help others
  2. Put in the work
  3. Never stop learning
  4. Take action

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